Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Can Parkinson's patients benefit from the treadmill?

Parkisons's Disease is a neurological condition which is caused by the lack of a chemical found in the brain called Dopamine.
The symptoms of this condition include a tremor which gets better when a person initiates movement, slow movement, lack of facial expression due to muscle weakness in the face causing a "mask like" appearance, speech difficulties as well as other changes.
Research shows training on a treadmill can increase Parkinson's patients ability to walk. One study that was undertaken in Germany analysed data from trials involving 203 patients, which concluded that over a period of time there was an improvement on specific gait (stride) parameters in parkinson's patients.
Comparing treadmill training and no treadmill training there was an obvious positive impact in those who did treadmill training. But certain questions are still unanswered as to how long patients need to be doing treadmill exercise? How long the benefits last? What a good exercise programme entails?

More Health professionals today are incorporating exercise in to their patients treatment plans as a tool to recovery. At Health & Harmony our Osteopath uses various exercises which can benefit patients for the long term chronic symptoms.

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