Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Summer Allergies & Food Intolerance

Pollution and the accumulation of toxins in our environment is now becoming a desperate concern as it can directly affect our health and wellbeing.  As we continue to live, eat and breathe in an environment laced with harmful ingredients and expose our delicate body to such toxins our constitutional strength becomes compromised.  Prolonged exposure to such elements can eventually lead to a breakdown in our body’s external and internal resistance to certain things, such as food, animal fur, fumes, house dust and everyday hazards.  This eventually culminates into becoming an irritant to the body which results in an allergic reaction.  

According to Ayurveda, the body must be exposed to certain hazards in order to build up our immune strength.  Growing up in a sterile environment prevents his from occurring and thus denies our body from gaining its potential strength and resistance to disease.  In addition, frequent use of antibiotics, particularly during the early stages of life can have quite damaging affects to our general health and growth as it strips our internal centres of useful bacterial agents which are important in the fight against disease. 
This is why Ayurveda advocates the process of detoxification as a primary route towards regaining balance within the body and for boosting our resistance to allergens contacting our skin, breathed in through our lungs, or digested through our bowels.
A seasonal detox programme of Panchakarma treatments, which involve oil massage and sweat therapy can help reduce the build of toxins in our body and hence reduce our sensitivities to our environment.

However we must not forget to continue evaluating and reassessing our diet and lifestyle and consider to what extent we are putting our body through unnecessary stress.  Asking yourself questions such as:

  • Am I consuming too much of a certain food because I like it so much?
  • Do I let my body rest and heal each day?
  • Do I stop working only when I am exhausted?
  • Do I eat only to please my palate, and not my body?
All these questions will help you towards understanding where your food intolerances and allergies reside.  Ayurveda cannot change the environment, but by ensuring that your system is as clean and free of toxins as possible, it can make a major contribution to health.
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