Friday, 24 June 2011

Are you intolerant to Gluten?

The condition which is commonly known as Coeliac's Disease is caused by an intolerance to the wheat protein GLUTEN.
Gluten hypersensitivity causes the lining of the gut to waste away with consequential difficulty in absorbing specific and essential nutrients from food (vitamins and minerals).

Noticeable symptoms include:

  1. weak bones - as a result of deficient vitamins like calcium and vitamin D.
  2. loose, bulky, smelly stools this is because FAT in your body is also not being absorbed.
  3. weight loss
  4. Pins and needles arms or legs due to lack of calcium and magnesium. 
Other Causes include:
  1. an obstruction in the liver.
  2. If you are taking other drugs which may counter act the up take of gluten.
  3. low blood pressure
  4. anaemia - due to lack of iron, folate, and Vitamin B12.
It is important to have a blood test done to confirm that you are intolerant to gluten or have other Vitamin deficiencies.

Management of Coeliacs Disease:

The most important is having a gluten free diet. The majority of superstores specifically cater for a gluten free diet.
The other is having a natural approach to coeliacs disease through osteopathy or ayurveda.

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