Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bronchitis - What you need to know

Bronchitis is a bacterial infection of the bronchial tree found in the lungs. Inflammation occurs as a result of the infection. 
The usual signs of bronchitis are: 

  1. coughing
  2. sputum which may be purulent (pus usually green/yellow)  
  3. shortness of breath.
Causes of bronchitis could be several things any one can be affected by bronchitis however smokers, people working with chemicals in factories, air 
pollutants are more likely suffer from it.

There are two types of bronchitis Acute and Chronic
If this condition lasts longer than 3 months and continues to get worse it can lead to either Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis.

Emphysema is the destruction of the lungs over a long period of time. Characterized by chronic airway narrowing, shortness of breath.

Chronic bronchitis is characterized by cough, sputum, episodes of infection, cyanosis ( discolouration of the skin blue/purple due to lack of oxygen)

If some cases are severe patient will be hospitalised but with need some sort of intervention.

TIP: If you are a smoker you need to cut back now!

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