Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blue hands and feet? Have you got Raynauds?

Raynauds affects commonly the hands and feet. It is a condition which is due to poor blood circulation the blood vessels spasm and temporarily are blocked.
There are two types of Raynauds primary and secondary. Primary is when the condition appears by itself. Secondary is associated with another health condition and may appear as a result of that such as Lupus -(when the immune system attacks many different parts of the body causing a range of symptoms, such as tiredness, joint pain and skin rashes)

Secondary Raynaud’s can cause a more severe restriction of blood supply so it does carry a higher risk of causing complications such as ulcers, scarring and in the most serious of cases of tissue death, which is known as gangrene.

Signs and symptoms include: 

  • change in colour of hands and feet usually white and then blue once blood returns to the area it turns red.
  •  You may have neurological symptoms such as pins and needles and numbness


Cold weather, anxiety and stress.
Generally when the immune system is low it attacks healthy tissues

There is no real harm but the condition is more of a nuisance.

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