Thursday, 29 December 2011

Curvature of the spine "SCOLIOSIS"

Scoliosis derives from the greek term crooked. A medical condition in which a person's spine is curved. 
Usually when viewing a person from the back everything appears to be normal, viewing from the side they have the normal and natural spinal curves lower back (lumbar lordosis), in the neck (cervical lordosis), mid back (thoracic kyphosis) and the tail bone area (sacral kyphosis).

A Scoliosis is a side ways curvature of the spine which can be noticeable either from the back or front which is accompanied by a rotation of the body causing someone to lean towards one side more than the other to compensate.

There are generally three types of scoliosis. The first which is developed in infancy is known as Congenital scoliosis whereby for some reason there are abnormalities of the vertebra in the spine. 

The second is Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis which develops for no reason in early childhood or teens possibly due to poor posture, sports, prolonged repetitive movements.

Lastly later in life the term Idiopathic scoliosis is used meaning unknown cause for curvature in the spine. The scoliosis in this circumstance can be secondary to another spinal condition e.g. sciatica, spinal disc herniation, muscle spasm.

In children and young adults scoliosis is often relatively pain free. Clothes not fitting well, difference in shoulder height, difference in waist shape and different leg lengths of trousers may provide a clue.  

Diagnosis is made via an X-Ray. 

Management of a scoliosis is dependent on to what extent the scoliosis is impeding on a person's life. Many people do exercises to help their posture, some use back supports when sitting, or bracing and if the curvature is a hindrance then many opt for corrective surgery. 

However osteopaths are able to provide a more comfortable lifestyle for people with scoliosis through osteopathic treatment. 
For any questions regarding scoliosis or for treatment please get in touch.

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