Thursday, 19 January 2012

Health & Harmony's Pregnancy Club with Nicola

Being pregnant is a hugely exciting time for any women and can be very overwhelming with their being so much to get your head around .  
Physically your body is changing as the baby is developing and growing, mentally you are adjusting and preparing that you will soon be a mummy and there will be another person to consider. Where to start ? For all the decisions you make next will be all for your new born baby.

This is a truly exciting time and one where it is important to have a network of other expectant mums around you to support one another throughout this time and to share your knowledge and pass on recommendation to one another.
Health and Harmony is based off the main high street in Stanmore, Middlesex and is a peaceful and private clinic which is very relaxing. We have decided that the clinic is the ideal setting to launch The Pregnancy Club. The pregnancy club will take place on the last Saturday of every month from 2-4pm and we invite pregnant ladies to come and meet other pregnant ladies where you can discuss your pregnancies and share your ideas and knowledge to one another. During the afternoon each of you will have a 20 minute Reflexology session. There are only limited places per session so please book early to avoid disappointment.
20 minute Reflexology session costs £15 each.

The first session of The Pregnancy Club will take place on 
Saturday 25th February 2011 from 2- 4pm.

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