Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year Revival - How Reflexology can help!

If you, like me, have over indulged in too many chocolates and too much wine over the festive season now is the time to get back to a healthier diet. The liver can take be over worked at Christmas time, working harder than usual to process all the fatty foods and alcohol, whilst the lymphatic system, our body's waste disposal system, is sorting out all the toxins and helping to get rid.
During a treatment a reflexologist can pay extra attention to your liver reflex point and the points relating to your lymphatic system. Your circulation might also be a bit sluggish too and reflexology is great for giving it a boost. By working these points on the feet, the body experiences a reflex (involuntary) action which sends a message to that corresponding body part helping it to rebalance and normalise function. To help you on your way, I would suggest 2-3 treatments are just the job in helping to revitalise you.

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