Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ergonomic Assessment- What to do and not to do

As a child most of us were told by our mothers to sit up straight, as it will give us a good posture! However due to lifestyle changes and commitments this hasn't always occurred.
For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or are sat at a desk job for more than 8 hours we have compiled a short list of how to help yourself to a better posture...

  1. When sitting at the desk make sure your computer is directly in front of you and not at an angle, you want to avoid creating any torsion in your neck.
  2. Rest your feet firmly on the ground or on a foot rest.
  3. Sitting position - First and foremost make sure you are sitting upright. Your back rest should be upright and provide sufficient support for your lower back. If you find you are not getting the support you require, putting a small cushion behind your lower back will prompt you to sit up straight and avoid slouching. The same principle could be applied to sitting whilst driving.
  4. Shoulders should be relaxed with arms resting parallel to your body. Avoid using a telephone between your ear and shoulder for a prolonged time as this may cause long term neck pain and other symptoms. DO stretch your forearms and arms if you are typing for long periods to avoid any repetitive strain injuries.
  5. Remember to take regular breaks!!
If you find yourself having any problems relating to the sitting position please do not hesitate to contact us at health and harmony and we can give you more advice or treat your ailment.


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