Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Power of Belief and how Hypnotherapy can help

Our present and future is built upon our past experiences which creates our
"reality tunnel" - a personal illustration of reality that guides our
actions. It usually originates from childhood experiences and is then
updated by our future experiences.

People who come to me with issues around lack of self esteem or depression
often have a reality tunnel which needs updating and improving. Often there
are "limiting beliefs" - such as I am not good enough or I am not loved
which typically underlines the issue at hand.

If we can reinterpret or as we call it in therapy, "reframe" peoples' view
of their past experiences, we can change peoples' individual reality tunnel
and in turn change their limiting beliefs and even their sense of self -
leading them to a better outcome, a better future. By getting people to
look at things differently it can make such a big difference to how they
"see" their problem and thus how they do it. They then suddenly realise
their problem no longer exists! Its wonderful as a problem that had such an
undesirable effect on someone and for so long suddenly disappears. People
are surprised at how it just disappears so quickly but than that is just
the power of the mind and its ability to change.

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