Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stress and Anxiety- How can Hypnotherapy help?

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety? Hypnosis can be a powerful way
of dealing with these issues once and for all. Our resident hypnotherapist Indy
explains how.

Most of us can relate to feeling stressed and anxious at times, whether its
preparing an exam, speech or an important meeting, or running late for an
appointment. It is quite normal in those instances but what when it becomes
ongoing or ends up in a panic attack, that can become a real problem.

Anxiety issues usually involves an unconscious over-sensitisation to normal
stimuli - which can be internal (heart rate, thoughts etc) or our external
environment (people, places etc). The trigger begins from the environment
during the "orginal attack" then generalises more and more to encompass a
wide range of things - it becomes a pattern of overgeneralisation. So you
end up walking around with alot of adrenelin in the body and just a little
thing can set it off at a hair trigger. Its like an alarm system going off
not just when a burglar appears but when a person walks by on the street.

Hypnotherapy, and NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) can be very powerful
in overcoming anxiety or stress, leaving you feeling 

  • physically more relaxed
  • mentally calmer 
  • more confident in your life and your future              

Treatment focuses on effecting change simultaneously in both
the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, often by getting and
dealing with the root cause of the anxiety - resulting in a rapid and long
lasting cure.

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