Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back pain? Who would be your first port of call?

Pain comes in many forms acute pain, a dull ache, a stabbing pain or an annoying niggle!

Initially when you experience back pain for the first time you think to yourself "let me give it a day or two" and the majority of the time the symptoms may settle with a few painkillers.
For the minority this is the case. However for those with a more serious problem symptoms can progress to the point where it is debilitating and as any manual therapist knows treatment may take longer.  

The question is who would be your first port of call if you had back pain or a musculo-skeletal injury ? 
(injuries related to the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones and corresponding areas).
The conventional route would be to see your doctor. However as many of our patients have told us, they were not even looked at and only given painkillers.
Painkillers will only disguise the pain and once you stop taking them your pain will return. It is not a SOLUTION!

Seeing an osteopath or sports therapist will start the healing process and help to eliminate the initial acute pain a treatment plan will be devised and see you back on form!
The more patients we see here at Health and Harmony tell us " I wish I would have come earlier!".  

Don't delay!

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