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Osteopathy and Babies

Reflux occurs because the baby’s stomach valve is not fully developed thus allowing stomach contents to flow back into the oesophagus (gullet) where it causes discomfort and from where it can easily flow back up and out of the mouth. Reflux is known to be more common in boys.

Babies are thought to grow out of Reflux by the time they are about 10 months as by then the stomach valve muscle will have developed enough to do its job.

In the meantime, the usual treatments are prescribed stomach soothing medicines such as Gaviscon. Your GP should be happy to prescribe it provided your baby has the right symptoms. In some cases Gaviscon does not help and other medicines, which reduce stomach acidity, may be required.

Babies who have Reflux but do not vomit are said to have “Silent Reflux” and should be treated in the same way as ordinary Reflux.

In an infant with repeated regurgitation that is distressing to them or you, assuming no ‘red-flag’ or warning signs are present, some of the following may help, recognising that an improvement may take 2-3 weeks to occur.

•            Avoid exposure to smoke (tobacco/other) - it causes irritability.
•            Avoid over-feeding - Ask your medical professional about appropriate sized bottles, 
             nipples or nursing routines
•            Burp (wind) your baby frequently before, during and after feeding
•            Keep your baby upright after feeds for at least 30 minutes
•            Avoid the use of car seats immediately after feeding
•            Avoid clothing or nappies that are tight around the abdomen
•            Where possible try not to lay your infant flatter than a 30-degree angle above horizontal,       
              including while changing nappies. Raise the head of the crib mattress.

Benefits of Osteopathy:

Osteopathy is not just for adults. Cranial osteopathy it is a very subtle and gentle technique where the hands are applied on the head of the baby to "release tension" it is used to treat many conditions notably those caused by the build up of tension with in the body after child birth. 

As babies are still developing and respond very quickly treatment is usually shorter. 

Please take a look at the link below. As made aware in the news that osteopathy treatment can benefit your child. 

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