Friday, 17 August 2012

Is there a relationship between fizzy drinks and high blood pressure?

The debate continues! Everyone knows fizzy drinks are no good for you, but what is it that makes people question whether there is a relationship between drinking fizzy drinks and high blood pressure?

Fizzy drinks have been around for years. And initially it was thought that it had some medicinal value and that when you had an upset stomach it would help to settle it, however that is not the case any more. But do we question what is in these drinks? Why are they such lovely colours? What happens to them if they have prolonged sun exposure? Is the myth true or false that you can really clean your toilet with a fizzy drink? And if you leave a penny in a glass of a fizzy drink will it really clean it?

Many of these fizzy drinks have high sugar levels including the DIET drinks, which in stead of sugar are using substitutes for sugar. Do not be fooled in to thinking diet drinks have no sugar. With the increase consumption of these sugary drinks many are suffering from various side effects or symptoms including:

- High blood pressure
- diabetes
- dizziness
- dehydration
- hyperactivity - more so in children
- decay and cavities in teeth
- bad breath
- fatigue

Although not confirmed but some research has shown that combining a poor diet and increase consumption of fizzy drinks can facilitate cancer growth. 

High blood pressure and diabetes work very much hand in hand and the odds are that if you have one you will more than likely suffer from the other. And the way trends are now showing  it is not necessarily adults who are prone to these conditions it is in fact starting at a much younger age. Lack of exercise, stress, fatty diet and drinking fizzy drinks can lead to even children having Type 2 Diabetes. 

To encourage our children to start at an early age of eating and drinking correctly, it must start from the parents.
The evidence is clear in the way in which society is moving in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. No body wants to take medication any more as there are so many more natural resources to aid recovery for many mild aches and pain and illnesses. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Many patients at Health and Harmony are unaware that they have high blood pressure but our Osteopath here as precaution can take your blood pressure. 

Health and Harmony 

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